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Oak Adaptive® helps Caterpillar® dealerships run more efficiently and effectively by streamlining business workflows, connecting every department, and creating fully auditable histories of every business transaction. We create Enterprise Resource Planning systems and integrated applications that let you run your business simpler, faster, and smarter.

By Cat® Dealers, For Cat® Dealers

Based in Michigan, Oak Adaptive® has been building Caterpillar® dealership software since 2001. We guide business processes from inquiry all the way to invoice, seamlessly integrating each department into one system. We eliminate repetitive and error-prone tasks by utilizing Six Sigma-inspired workpaths based on industry best practices. Our system gives dealerships in-depth financial reporting, analytics, and business intelligence. We also provide flexible integrations with other software systems to adapt to your preferred work environment.

Our Partners

Oak Adaptive® has been used in production at all seven Michigan CAT dealer locations since 2009. Our company was founded by the former Michigan CAT dealer-principal and developed by an experienced team with vast knowledge of Caterpillar® business practices and a singular focus on Caterpillar® dealerships.

After MacAllister Machinery® saw the potential of Oak Adaptive®, they decided to build our software into the core of their One Business Solution® in-house platform. We are currently assisting them with the new implementation, which went live in June 2018.

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